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Blog Tour: The Frenemy Series @atebensonauthr

The Frenemy Series
by Kate Benson
Romantic Comedy

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Kate Benson was raised in Texas and currently resides in central Florida with her husband and their growing army of fur minions.
She learned to read at the age of four and has been hooked ever since. She credits her passion for literature to her mother, her love of story-telling to her father and her unwavering faith in happily-ever-after’s to her husband, Sean.
Some of her favorite things include rainy days, loud music, superhero movies, hot tea and of course, lazy afternoons with a great book.
To find out more about Kate, her work or to just say hello, she loves hearing from her readers and can be found on social media.

**This book contains adult content intended for mature readers**

Evie King.
God, even her name leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
I’ve put up with her for years for my best friend, her overprotective older brother, Mason.
I’d grown comfortable in my distaste, reliant on my hatred. But when a favor goes too far and I wake up naked next to my sworn nemesis in a hotel room in Dallas?
That’s when my life begins spiraling out of control.
We swore we’d keep it between us. We vowed to never let it happen again.
Can you crave and loathe someone at the same time?
I’m about to find out.
It only takes one snowflake to start an avalanche.
Welcome to the avalanche.

Have you ever met one of those people who just dry humps your last nerve?
Enter Dash Hunter. Humper of my nerves.
Leave it to this jackass to ruin my life.
I’d had it all, but one drunken mistake with this asshole has it all crashing down.
They say everything happens for a reason, but I see no rhyme or reason to this disaster.
This was never what we wanted, not at all what we planned.
We were supposed to do our respective walks of shame and move on, but then…
We were blindsided. We never saw it coming.
All we want is to go back to what made sense, back to hating each other, but there’s a problem.
How do you defeat your enemy when you’re no longer frigid?

***This book contains content intended for mature readers***

Boy meets girl, they spend a decade at each other’s throats, seething with hatred until fate lands them wasted together in an airport hotel, waking naked and hungover to find they’d done the unthinkable.
Tale as old as time, right?
Dash and I both thought that’d be the happy ending of our dysfunctional fairy tale, but months of bad decisions have somehow led us to where we are now-crazy in love, despite how hard we fought it.
I guess we’d be alright if we hadn’t forgotten one minor detail: We still had to tell my insanely overprotective brother and Dash’s best friend, Mason, the truth about us.
We thought the feelings we had for each other would fade out as quickly as the alcohol, that we could fight fate.
We were wrong.

Secrets, lies, deception… we should have known from the jump we weren’t smart enough to pull any of it off.
I’m not sure what me and Evie were thinking. Hell, we were so blindsided by all of this, I think it’s safe to say we weren’t thinking at all.
If we had been, we would have moved on before everything went to hell. I should have turned around and ran before I fell for her wicked vagina voodoo, but I didn’t.
What started as the most awkward walk of shame in history with my nemesis shifted into something neither of us saw coming.
We were powerless… hooked… it came for us, slamming into us like a cinder block.
By the time we looked up and saw what was happening, it was too late.
We were already sprung.


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Review: Consent @CharmainePauls

TITLE: Consent
SERIES: The Loan Shark Duet #2
AUTHOR: Charmaine Pauls
RELEASE DATE: November 14, 2017
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook
SOURCE: Netgalley

When Gabriel broke down my door, he took over my body and life. Never with force, but always with clever manipulation. He stripped me of my independence, my defenses, and my clothes and turned me into an addict for his touch. 
Once, I had dreams and a future. Now, I have fears, scars, and insatiable needs. I’m damaged beyond repair, but if I’m to survive the most dangerous man in Johannesburg, I can’t allow him to break me, because broken toys are destined for the garbage dump.

South African born Charmaine Pauls is a gypsy at heart who likes to look at the world from the lens of her camera. She writes dark and paranormal romance novels. The author currently resides in Chile with her husband and children.

Consent starts right where Dubious left us. We jump right in with Valentina and is another wild ride. The second part is even darker, anguish and shocking. Just when you thought you have read it all, this part comes for more.

Valentina now has a lot of more to protect, and she will go beyond her limits to save her and her loved ones. We see new sides of her and she has to face things that would break the hardest soul but she deals with them like the brave woman she is. And then we have Gabriel, OMG! I've seen characters evolve and change but never like him. You sort of expect him to change but he goes beyond our expectations.

The story is addictive like the first part. Anytime you think you have something figure out a new surprise comes and knocks you off your feet. There are some scenes and moments that are way too hard to read (I don't want to spoil anything) but if you are emotional you will found hard not to cry.

I loved the relevance of the secondary characters. They make the story even greater, each one brings a unique quality and enriches the story.

I totally recommend both books. If you liked dark romance, beautiful characters, twists, and drama, you should read these books.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Review: Dubious @CharmainePauls

TITLE: Dubious
SERIES: The Loan Shark Duet #1
AUTHOR: Charmaine Pauls
RELEASE DATE:  10 October 2017
FORMAT: Paperback & Ebook
SOURCE: Netgalley


How far will a man go to get the woman he wants?
I’m a loan shark. Breaking people runs in my blood. The Haynes’ were supposed to be a straightforward job. Go in and pull the trigger twice. One bullet for Charlie, one for his sister. But when I saw Valentina, I wanted her. Only, in our world those who owe us don’t get second chances. No way in hell will my mother let her live. So I devised a plan to keep her.
It’s depraved.
It’s immoral.
It’s dubious.
It’s perfect.
Just like her.

South African born Charmaine Pauls is a gypsy at heart who likes to look at the world from the lens of her camera. She writes dark and paranormal romance novels. The author currently resides in Chile with her husband and children.

There is a world where violence is the norm, where debts are paid with your life and where persons can be treated as objects. This world is where Gabriel is the ruler and Valentina a mere pawn. His task is to enter and kill but it all changes when he sees her.

This is not a sweet and easy love story. This is dark and turbulent. Gabriel is a shark loan, a scary and violent one. He is far from perfect on the inside and outside too. His mother has trained him to be heartless and ruthless. And he decides to keep Valentina to his pleasure, she has to work for him to pay her debt but is not a simple work. She becomes the maid, the cooker, and the slave.

As you can imagine the "romance" is dark and full of tension and torture. He obtains pleasure from pain and she starts to crave his touch. The whole relationship is draining and exhausting to read but in a good way. It's addictive, you don't want to stop and you keep wanting to hate Gabriel but it's too hard. And then Valentina, you want to scream at her to be stronger but then you understand that she doesn't have a choice. It's a beautiful story about broken souls and a love that blossoms against all odds.

The writing is excellent and the pages fly one after the other. The book ends with a HUGE cliffhanger but the second book is already ready for you. 

There are so many great things about this book the setting (South Africa), the characters (Valentina has all the qualities we love, she is loyal to her family, strong and brave) and the action. The book has twists and turns and surprises in every corner.

I have to mention the sex scenes, as I said this one is a dark romance, so you can expect rough, raw, and hard scenes, it includes all kind of pain and pleasure.

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Promo Wishing On Falling Stars @HanleighBradley

Every couple has ‘their special’ place, but after Willow and Kaiden spend a secret weekend together, their lives change in ways they never expected.Ten years later, they see each other again. Each carries secrets to ashamed and unwilling to share until they realize they only have each other to lean on.Willow thought that is she got married, she would forget Kaiden. She thought her life was good until she found out she was pregnant. When her husband demands her to terminate the pregnancy, Willow returns to the one place she found solace.
After a tragic accident, Kaiden withdrew from everyone he loved, including Willow. By the time he finally realized what he had done, Willow was already gone. Giving herself to another man. She wasn’t his any longer.Who ever said that dreams would come true if you wished upon stars? Or do they?

It is included in the AFWB Anthology: 25 Days of Christmas

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Review: Intimacy on the Plate

TITLE: Intimacy on the Plate
AUTHOR: Olga Petrenko
RELEASE DATE: August 18th 2017
PUBLISHER: Identity Publications
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook

Intimacy On The Plate: Extra Trim Edition contains the same 200+ elegant, erotic recipes as the original, but has been reformatted for a smaller size and lower price. Snack on the convenience of the new smaller trim size, or indulge in the colorful, picturesque body of the original coffee table book.
Every couple knows that the key to a harmonious home is a healthy love life, but keeping your time in bed spicy isn’t enough – you need to turn to the kitchen and amp up the flavor.
Olga Petrenko is a housewife who dedicated years of her life to crafting original dishes that combine tradition with innovation, creating new tastes that everyone can enjoy. In the process, she discovered something new: by applying scientific research to her recipes and by using the correct ingredients, all meals had the potential to be the perfect aphrodisiac. After a decade of hard work and experimentation, she finally had an extensive collection of recipes designed to make every bite erotic - Intimacy On The Plate: 200+ Aphrodisiac Recipes to Spice Up Your Love Life at Home Tonight
Every dish in this erotic cookbook pays as much attention to presentation as to flavor and science. If you want to create the right mood for your loved one, you need to feed the eyes before you feed the stomach. Olga has worked hard to make every sensual meal beautiful and visually appetizing so that you and your partner will feel the food love before you even sit down to eat.
Within these pages, you’ll find 200+ healthy, easy-to-cook recipes known around the world to contribute to sexual desire. Using a wide range of ingredients, including dozens of types of vegetables, mushrooms, fish, seafood, fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices, you and your partner will experience the full range of erotic properties the world of food has to offer. You’ll never run out of new and exciting places to take your meals. From appetizers to main courses, to side dishes, beverages, and desserts, you’ll always have something scintillating to offer up on date night.
Intimacy On The Plate contents ordered by main ingredient:
Section I: Vegetables, Mushrooms, Potherbs, & Seasonings
Section II: Fish
Section III: Seafood
Section IV: Nuts
Section V: Fruits
Section VI: Chocolate
Section VII: Love Potions, Hot Drinks, and Spicy Teas

Olga Petrenko grew up in Ukraine, where she learned to appreciate traditional Eastern European hospitality and homemaking. As an adult, she studied the chemistry of foods, both local and foreign, for their unique effects on the human body and mind. Combining her food science studies with her love for helping others achieve greater intimacy, she poured the next 10 years of her life into creating the recipes contained in her first book, Intimacy On The Plate. She enjoys a fantastic love life with her husband of 35 years, and maintains a diverse herbal garden at home.


As the title says this book presents 209 recipes to spice your love life, but this one is not a simple cookbook. The book presents the recipes according to groups (Vegetables, Fish, Seafood, Nuts, Fruits, Chocolate and Love Potions, Hot Drinks, and Spicy Teas). Before presenting the recipes the author explains why the group is an aphrodisiac and presents different examples of said group (for example in the Seafood section she introduces shrimps, squid, etc.) giving the book an educational tone. I liked that is not just: "try this recipe and you will have better sex".

Besides being divided into groups the book has all kind of recipes, you have salads, desserts, beverages, cold and hot dishes. Also, most recipes are really easy to do. Some of them included exotic ingredients, I know, but you cannot use the excuse of being too hard. The author wrote simple and detailed recipes that anyone of us can manage to do.

I really enjoyed the book, not only because it's about food and how to spice sex but also because I learned about so many characteristics and properties of certain food.

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